ICA Kids

Our Kids Ministry is a lively and nurturing environment
where kids can build lasting friendships and discover the never-ending love of God!

Upcoming events

"Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies."

- Psalm 8:2

Our Values

Make it safe

Ensuring the safety of your child is at the forefront of everything we do. We've implemented a check-in and check-out system for added security. Don't forget to give a friendly wave to our leaders stationed in the Kids zone—they're here to ensure your child's safety and peace of mind.

Share Jesus with passion

We're all about bringing the Gospel to life in vibrant, unforgettable ways! From the littlest toddlers to energetic preschoolers, our team is dedicated to guiding them on an exciting journey to discover who God is. As they grow into curious elementary schoolers, we empower them to embrace their faith and believe in Jesus with all their hearts.

Bring the fun

Where you see chaos, we see a celebration of joy! At ICA Kids, we're all about high-energy games, vibrant worship, and imaginative Bible lessons that make every moment exciting. And let's not forget our incredible volunteers, whose enthusiasm and dedication make ICA Kids the place your children can't wait to return to week after week.

Connect the family

We cherish your family and are eager to join forces with you in nurturing children who are passionate about Jesus and poised to make a difference in the world. Our aim is to equip you with everything you need to step into the role of the spiritual guide that God has designed you to be for your child.

Talk to a Leader!

This is Greeny Thomas. She’s our Children’s Director at ICA. She’d love to tell you more about our kids group, just ask!